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Often political leaders will tell us they will solve all our problems, create jobs and fix America, the middle class and our society as a whole. The fact is that government has Never been able to fix much of anything and whenever they get involved our taxes go up, they fail to provide as promises and the bureaucracy leads to inefficiencies preventing success. This leads to the law of unintended consequences, and more problems. purpose not a job

Then another political character comes along and says they are our new saviors and they will fix it all, ah, here we go again. Will the voting public ever learn? Probably not, but the reality is that free-enterprise can fix these problems locally, regionally and nationally. How so you ask and what’s in it for them? Well, any entrepreneur can tell you that when you support the community or the public they support you with increased patronage.

Indeed, if people will take responsibility for their actions and life seriously, they can excel up and perhaps beyond their abilities. As business owners, you and I, and all of us for that matter have a responsibility also to encourage such positive action. Recently, I sat down with a local coffee shop owner and franchisee about these issues. He said many people were laid off and the price of fuel was causing customers to cut back on their lattes, iced mochas, and coffee purchases. No doubt, I agreed and then I asked him:


  1. Does your coffee shop have a job board?
  2. Why not have a mini local job fair type event here?


Later that month he did, and he upped the ante, he got the chamber of commerce involved, a couple local politicians, the local community college and several local employers. Success and interest from the media too, it hit the front page. The publicity did him quite well, he now has 20 new regular customers and some of the businesses now have their meetings there at his coffee shop. Everyone wins, when entrepreneurs dig in!


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