Is Your Vacant Home Protected?

Is your current income property sitting without a tenant? An empty home poses certain risks, since nobody is around on a daily basis when something goes wrong. This means that a problem such as a water leak could go unnoticed for weeks!
There are things you must keep in mind if your home is currently empty: สร้างบ้าน


  • Did you lock all the doors? This is pretty straightforward, but a simple thing to forget. This would include the door to access the garage, back door, and the door to the tool-shed in the backyard.
  • Are all your windows closed? Do any of them need to be replaced? A home loses the most heat when the windows are old, inflating the heating bill.
  • Who/where is the utility bill going to right now? An empty home doesn’t necessarily mean that the utility company is not sending out bills. There could be past amounts due or certain utilities still running, such as the thermostat.
  • Do your smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors work? These detectors could be the difference between a safe home and no home at all if disaster were to strike.
  • Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve. A burst water heater in an empty home can lead to a flooded home.
  • Did you winterize your pipes? Frozen pipes on the outdoor of your home can lead to cracking, which may affect the foundation.
  • Check the exterior drainage around your home. Will rain water flow away from the house? This will prevent flooding of your home during snow melt and heavy rainfall
  • Is your eaves trough clean and free of debris? A dirty eaves trough can lead to a lot of issues such as water backup, poor drainage, and added weight. Ultimately, this could lead to damage to your eaves trough or roof.
  • Are you regularly checking up on your home? You should be looking at your home at least once every 4 weeks.


Hope Street Tip

Make friends with your neighbors. This will ensure that there is always a set of eyes looking after your property for anything suspicious

Although a lot of these items seem very straightforward, it is surprising how many homeowners neglect these simple tasks. Remember, your home is empty and there is nobody to act quickly if a problem arises. You may not find out for weeks if something has happened in your empty home. The best method of prevention is a proactive approach to make sure the regular maintenance is done.

Relax, Weve Got You Covered

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